The Original Wizard Of Oz Font – 1939 Movie Title Typography

I was surprised that no one had the idea of recreating the original movie title font of The Wizard of Oz (1939).

So, I went to the library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood to do some typographic research about this idea. I was pleasantly surprised with some help to find the typographic material of this classical American movie and make my own typeface version of Wizard of Oz.

Here’s the alphabet image I’ve prepared with the final production of the scalable vector font that I call Kansas Rainbow font, putting together the glyphs drawings and class kerning. If you want to license this professional font for your projects or invitations, you can purchase this item with PayPal.

For further details and immediate font delivery, please contact the author – darkvotum at gmail. I recommend you send your inquiry directly to my email address. Thanks.

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59 Responses to “The Original Wizard Of Oz Font – 1939 Movie Title Typography”

  1. Hi, tried to email you as suggested above but no luck. Can you please tell me how to purchase and download this font? I would love to have this font as the base for my tattoo I’m designing to use on me! Thank you so much!

  2. Can you send me an email as well with the details. I would love to have this font for my computer. Thanks!

  3. Tabatha…

    [...]The Original Wizard Of Oz Font – 1939 Movie Title Typography « Dark Shadows Collection – Dark Votum Designs[...]…

  4. I would like details too please – email

  5. Graphic Designer…

    [...]The Original Wizard Of Oz Font – 1939 Movie Title Typography « Dark Shadows Collection – Dark Votum Designs[...]…

  6. mysaturdaybook Says:

    I’d also like to request an email with details on purchase and download of the font. It looks beautiful. Thanks! I don’t want to post my email address here, but it should be connected to my account.

  7. Could I get the details on how to get this font? Thanks!

  8. Hi could you send me the font too please?

  9. Hi, I tried to contect you through e-mail. Could you also please send me details for this Kansas Rainbow Font? Thnaks!

  10. Hi there!! LOVE the font. Can you email me details please? I am:

  11. theresakolbus Says:

    Can you E-mail info to me, too? Thanks! ohdearjohn[at]gmail[dot]com


  12. Please check your email on details. The font is available through Paypal payment. Thanks.

  13. I’d like to license this font for a project – can you please email details. Thanks.

  14. I would love to have this font, please e-mail me as well! I have an entire Oz themed tumblr ( & I think it would come in handy!!

    • Hi MariaCristina,
      Thanks. Could you please provide a personal email? You don’t have to post it publicly. Please send it to my business email for further payment details on the font license.
      For some reason, Twitter emails do not work as emails.

  15. I would like info on how to get your font

  16. Have a client who is really wanting this; need details thanks.

  17. I’d like to inquire about this font please. Need it by tomorrow. Rush job from a client. Please contact me at or on my facebook in case that email doesn’t work.Thanks!

  18. I need to acquire this amazing display font… please email at

  19. I would love this font. Email is

  20. I am also interested in this font, LOVE IT! Please let me know how to get my hands on it.

  21. Can you please send me the details to download this font?

  22. Can you send me the details? Thank you!

  23. Can you please send me details of how to get the font?

  24. please send me info on how to purchase font. thanks

  25. Reblogged this on Dark Shadows Collection – Dark Votum Designs and commented:

    By popular demand, reposting my professional font of Oz called Kansas Rainbow

  26. Hi. I would like to purchase and download your font for an invitation for our high school. Can you please send info?

  27. Hi could you email me details for your font please –

  28. Your gmail address is not valid anymore. :( Please message me info for the Wizard of Oz font. kim2002 at gmail dot com.

  29. huffcountry Says:

    We are interested in the Kansas Rainbow font. Can you send us information about it? Thanks

  30. Hi,
    I’d like info on how to purchase this font, please send info to:

    Thanks so much!

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