Nocturna Font – The No Font With A Cool Shadow

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Nocturna font is a professional commercial typeface with a shadow effect, in which the actual letter shape consists of negative space and is defined solely by its black dimensional shadow.

It is a classical sans serif typeface which is ideal for graphic presentations, very refined in shape and designed for black and white photography and fashion titling, among other purposes.

The font is available with its license, and can be purchased through PayPal using your credit card. Below I’ve included the characters map and a design sample.

For more information and delivery, please contact me –

Thanks for your consideration and review.

Nocturna Font

Nocturna Font Sample

Votum Sanguinis Book of Type Specimens – Fonts Catalog Download

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Votum Sanguinis Typography is pleased to announce our first edition Book of Type Specimens. The fonts catalog is a complete compendium of fonts created since 2010 with our latest and best productions of digital types.

To download the PDF book, click this link VS Book of Type Specimens.  Thanks for your repeated patronage and motivation to continue great typography.


Wizard of Oz Wedding Vintage Invitation – Hollywood Style

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Recently, one of my clients contacted me to purchase the Kansas Rainbow design font. She wanted to create her wedding invitations with the look of 1940’s vintage invitation prints for the memories of her family.

I decided to include this design with the Wizard of Oz colors theme as the style of the old Hollywood movie should you want to impress your guests.

The design is an old wedding invitation, including a couple logogram, grammar vintage style and a rainbow border framing the invitation.

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Textus Font for Good Films and New Screen Titles

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Textus font is a commercial typeface designed for films and screen titles. The font falls in the Lyric Modernist category of the 20th Century with a Roman influence, which makes it ideal for dramatic films.

With a humanist axis, the characters are designed with pen-formed serifs and terminals, creating a very sharp and legible font for main film titles and a beautiful modulated stroke. The digital font is available for Windows and Mac platforms.

The font can be purchased with a license extension, if your film is for public distribution. To purchase the font and license, you can use my PayPal’s account and use credit cards. For more information, contact me –

Below, I’ve included the alphabet and font features for your review and consideration.

Textus Font


Day-Glo Font – Psychedelic School Typography

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Day-Glo Font is my new commercial design font, inspired by the fluorescent painting created in 1960’s. The font is ideal for display posters that experiment with new typography applications. It is designed as a great visual exercise, in which the designer can use the font to wide, contract, distortion, stretch visual lines.

The font’s influence comes from graphics from Art Noveau, strongly advertised in Europe, and later, during the Vietnam war and the psychedelic hippie movement originated in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco.  If you live the 60’s, you probably saw an array of publicity and advertisement applied to music concerts, anti-war statements, and fashion shows issues.

Still the impact of this experimental typography continues and great modern designers use a new form of psychedelia with vibrant colors because Day-Glo font is a cool font that creates an strong impact in covers, billboards, invitations, comics magazines, and even personal wedding presentations.

Day-Glo font is sold with professional kerning and in scalable vector sizes. You can purchase the license using PayPal’s credit cards and I will send you the font to your email directly in both versions, Windows and Mac platforms. For more information, please contact me –

Below, I’ve included the alphabet typeface and a design sample of Day-Glo font for your review and consideration. Enjoy it!

Day-Glo Font