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Day-Glo Font – Psychedelic School Typography

Posted in Dark Designs, Dark Fonts, Dark Typography with tags , , on October 26, 2014 by darkvotum

Day-Glo Font is my new commercial design font, inspired by the fluorescent painting created in 1960’s. The font is ideal for display posters that experiment with new typography applications. It is designed as a great visual exercise, in which the designer can use the font to wide, contract, distortion, stretch visual lines.

The font’s influence comes from graphics from Art Noveau, strongly advertised in Europe, and later, during the Vietnam war and the psychedelic hippie movement originated in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco.  If you live the 60’s, you probably saw an array of publicity and advertisement applied to music concerts, anti-war statements, and fashion shows issues.

Still the impact of this experimental typography continues and great modern designers use a new form of psychedelia with vibrant colors because Day-Glo font is a cool font that creates an strong impact in covers, billboards, invitations, comics magazines, and even personal wedding presentations.

Day-Glo font is sold with professional kerning and in scalable vector sizes. You can purchase the license using PayPal’s credit cards and I will send you the font to your email directly in both versions, Windows and Mac platforms. For more information, please contact me –

Below, I’ve included the alphabet typeface and a design sample of Day-Glo font for your review and consideration. Enjoy it!

Day-Glo Font


The Bolt Shirt – Retro Muscle Leather Bar 1970

Posted in Dark Designs, Dark Logos, Dark Themes, Dark Typography, RedBubble Designs with tags on June 3, 2014 by darkvotum

From the nostalgic times of San Francisco gay bars, I decided to re-create my favorite t-shirt. The Bolt bar came in the late ’70s with some other famous bars in Folsom Street.

The bar had an audience of big bodybuilders and leather men, and definitely was my favorite bar to sport my muscles. The Bolt always reminded one of the superheroes fantasy with supernatural powers.

You can order this one in dark background here. You can find in my RedBubble portfolio, the same design with white background should you prefer that option here. Thanks.

The Bolt Gay Bar - San Francisco

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Bacterium Font – Science Fiction School Typography

Posted in Dark Designs, Dark Fonts with tags , , , , on February 1, 2014 by darkvotum

Bacterium font is a Western commercial font designed from the screen titles of Ridley Scott’s The Andromeda Strain. The font has different variations in large and small caps because the movie included three or four design versions of the font and it makes me wonder the post-production process was not very consistent for the four hours of this 2006 television event.

The novel is a great story based on the discovery of a mutant lethal virus denominated Bacillus Infernus, written by the author Michael Crichton. Definitely, it will be something to consider as a possible reality in the realm of biological wars.

Below, I’ve included a character map sample should you want to use the Bacterium font in your professional projects. You can use PayPal’s credit cards to purchase the font license and get inmediate delivery. For more details, contact me – darkvotum at gmail directly. Thanks for your consideration.


Los Angeles Fire Department CERT logo – High Resolution 300 DPI

Posted in Dark Designs, RedBubble Designs with tags , , , on January 17, 2014 by darkvotum

For CERT members looking for the vanished sticker of the Community Emergency Response Team at CafePress (I abandoned this POD company because they are greedy and don’t treat the designers very well), here’s again my high-resolution graphic for your car or as a t-shirt if you prefer. Los Angeles Fire Dept. wears dark blue t-shirts but any color is fine with the CERT logo.

The CERT logo is a high-resolution graphic for professional printing at 300 dpi and you can order the design in t-shirts and stickers in this section of my RedBubble’s portfolio. Thanks for your support as always.

LAFD CERT-logo-t-shirt