Airspace Technical Font – NASA Flight Deck Typography

Reading at the NASA Flight Deck Documentation report (1992), I realized there are very few fonts applied in the design of digital cockpits panels and technical documentation and most of the fonts used in aircrafts, shuttles, checklists, maps and airport charts have graphical deficiencies.

I decided to get in the design task of producing a single Western technical font that I called Airspace. The font is a commercial typeface and consists of the following features:

  1. A sans-serif font non-geometrical with non-square format more legible than font with serifs
  2. Improved legibility in distance and light conditions
  3. Documentation text with uppercase and lowercase letters
  4. X-height and height-to-width- ratio of 5:4 for front and distortioned position in optimal reading
  5. Vertical spacing (leading) between lines no smaller than 25%, preferably 33%
  6. Horizontal spacing (kerning) at 25% of the overall size
  7. Characters designed for digital cockpits panels
  8. Improved non-optimal conditions for colors and small size fonts
  9. Font designed considering middle-aged and elderly operators
  10. Font design for high-risk industries such as nuclear power, process control, military, maritime, and aviation

Below, I have included samples of my Airspace font for your review and consideration. The samples include a character map, sample of a cockpit panel and a sample of a checklist manual.

The commercial font can be purchased with a limited license using PayPal’s credit cards. For more information, on how to pay for the font and license, please contact me directly at darkvotum@gmail. Any comments are welcome from professionals involved in the mentioned industries.



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