Bacterium Font – Science Fiction School Typography

Bacterium font is a Western commercial font designed from the screen titles of Ridley Scott’s The Andromeda Strain. The font has different variations in large and small caps because the movie included three or four design versions of the font and it makes me wonder the post-production process was not very consistent for the four hours of this 2006 television event.

The novel is a great story based on the discovery of a mutant lethal virus denominated Bacillus Infernus, written by the author Michael Crichton. Definitely, it will be something to consider as a possible reality in the realm of biological wars.

Below, I’ve included a character map sample should you want to use the Bacterium font in your professional projects. You can use PayPal’s credit cards to purchase the font license and get inmediate delivery. For more details, contact me – darkvotum at gmail directly. Thanks for your consideration.



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