Mimiloco Font – Modern Mexican Korean Calligraphy

Mimiloco font is a new commercial font influenced by two interesting and colorful cultures – Mexican and Korean – dominating the Los Angeles scene.

It’s been 31 years since the visionary movie Bladerunner was presented in theaters showing a degrading environment of Los Angeles and I was thinking what has really changed in Los Angeles. Well a lot, I won’t go into rants but driving one night I noticed something really different: the Mexican food trucks which every night parked on the streets catering an interesting audience.

I parked my car on the corner of Sunset and Alvarado St. watching how Koreans and Latinos were ordering food to the Mexican cookers inside the trucks. That was really different. Koreans eating and devouring tacos and burritos with salsa and enjoying Mexican food. Here you have it. A new fusion of two cultures through Mexican cuisine!

That great idea prompted me to design a different Bladerunner font, more modern with our times using calligraphy. That’s how Mimiloco font was born. From a Bladerunner scene where you can see the combination of neon street signs in Korean and Mexican language.

Mimiloco is available as a high-resolution commercial font for street signs and big store/billboards displays, and you can purchase the license through Paypal’s credit cards. For more information and font delivery, please contact me – darkvotum@gmail.com

As an example, I’ve included a visual of my last professional font Mimiloco for your entertainment and consideration.

Mimiloco-Font_Korean Mex Calligraphy

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  1. Would you please email me information to purchase the Wizard of Oz font – krwmlw73@gmail.com

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