Cucuy Font – Universal Studios Horror Typography

Based on the popularity of my professional Mexican horror font La Llorona, I’ve designed this commercial font for the opening of the show El Cucuy- Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios this year.

Announced as the successor to the wildly popular maze La Llorona, El Cucuy follows in the footsteps of recreating a Spanish/Latin American legend. Similar to the European-based legend of the bogeyman, El Cucuy claims the lives of children who misbehave. Even more, El Cucuy is said to hide in closets, under beds, in shadows or any place that’s dark.

The font Cucuy is ideal for movie screen titles and fancy display presentations/billboards and it can be purchased with the license through PayPal’s credit cards. For details and font delivery, please contact me –

Below you can find the display samples of the professional font Cucuy. Thanks for your considerations and Happy Halloween!


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  1. […] “El Cucuy – The Bogeyman”. If you want to see the new Halloween Cucuy font, click here to read the post and send me an email on how to purchase the license using PayPal. […]

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