Designing A Car Model Font for an Automobile Manufacturer – Part I

Part of my specialized typography is to design fonts for domestic and international car manufacturers. I specialized in a combination of Spanish and Latin titles because the companies feel satisfied with the marketing distribution of these cars.

Once, the model title is chosen, the task is to design an interesting font that reflects the generation year of the car. Usually I produce three basic font options for the client: normal, tall and extended. If the client requests an italic font, then the fees are added to produce an italic or oblique font.

In the examples below, I chose the word TURBINA that is very much related to aerodynamic features of the car. The first draft is to produce the design of the font and the second draft is to produce the 3D format. The car model title is for a Honda or Toyota automobile.

In future posts, I will include other featuring designs for the complex world of automobile manufacturing.

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