A 3D Company That Will Disappoint You – Daz3D

I usually don’t rant about products but I think you should look at Daz3D as a non-supportive 3D company for designers. Its marketing only predates the new designers who do not understand why companies like Daz3D stays afloat.

Once you become an intermediate or advanced designer, you get frustrated with Daz3D website with interface bugs in its website documentation (even in simple ways to browse HTML pages for content) and their products. In other words, Daz3D does not understand why a myriad of 3D designers have discontinued their support to this company. No more new tutorials, no more purchases of new products.

On the other hand, in my opinion Poser from Smith-Micro continues to shine because they are the opposite to what Daz3D offers. Good products from listening old customers and good support documentation in their non-intrusive website. Well, let’s stop the warnings here. Here’s my 2 cents and review.


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