Kievan Regular Font – Russian School Typography

Last year, I had the chance to watch a Russian delegation of military officers at an US Air Force base during the reception dinner. I can tell you that nothing surpasses the old Soviet military etiquette in ethics, good manners and protocol. That night, their gala uniforms complimented the beautiful learned choreographic dancing of Russian waltzes. The Russians not only have created an authentic art phenomenon in military education, but also they have managed to instill old bolshevist traditions and nobility, not seen in the evolution of our armed forces.

That Russian solid tradition prompted me to design a refined Western commercial display font for Hollywood movie posters and screen titles, influenced by the Soviet art. It is called Kievan Regular font.

Below you can see the character map and an example for movie titles. The premium Kievan font can be purchased through Paypal with unlimited license. For more information, contact me at darkvotum at gmail. Spasibo, meaning thanks in Russian language.

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