2012 Venus Transit Design – From Here To Eternity

You don’t have to be Mayan to appreciate this astronomical but important dark event according to the Mayan culture. Why? Because on June 6, 2012 we will watch a dark spot drift across the solar disk.

The 2012 Venus transit date is precisely 200 days before the end of the Mayan Great Cycle, the final day of this grand cycle of 5,125 years is also an Ahau sacred date (December 23, 2012). The next Venus Transit after 2012 will be on December 11, 2117 (not an Ahau day).

To celebrate the meaning of the 2012 Venus Transit, I’ve made a design based on the Dresden Codex, which can be purchased on this section of my dark collection store with t-shirts in several background colors and sizes. Most tees are relaxed-fit for your casual wear.

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