Mayan Reincarnation Mask Design – Lord Pakal Ahau

This 3D Mayan design is a unique facial representation I prepared of someone dear to me, Lord Pakal Ahau. The original sculpture, crowned with roses, is in the Museum of History and Anthropology.

In Mexico, he’s considered the actual living reincarnation of King Pakal Hanab and the amazing birth reincarnation is inscribed in his tomb. In the stone slab covering the sepulchre, the glyphs describe with mathematical accuracy the reincarnation from the time he was born in 1952 to his final appearance in 2012, at the end of the Mayan calendar.

It is really a unique beautiful Mayan story full of mystery and intrigue. The original Mayan t-shirt can be purchased at my RedBubble portfolio, visiting this red link.

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