Mothman Prophecies T-Shirts Collection – Tragedy In The Ohio River

Wake up number 37!…That’s how Mothman announced his last prediction in Point Pleasant. in 1966. 36 people died falling in the Ohio river and one was a survivor. The US Department of Transportation said the bridge in the Ohio river collapsed due to mechanical failures but it was never confirmed or validated in the test.

This dark drawing from the second encounter of Mothman with the witness John Klein is more accurate and was recorded in the police report. Klein died shortly after, presumably in a paranoia state.  Notice that in the rendition, Mothman does not have the helmet that originally appeared in the first encounters, but it shows long antennas. This probably was how he was able to communicate or travel through electric frequencies. The description presented the same winged figure and red eyes, common to all drawings in the police report.

The high-resolution print can be purchased in t-shirts in nice background colors and sizes for those fans of Mothman memorabilia. Click the red link to go to the main section of my store. It is an original depiction from my research. So, here’s your wake-up call.

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