Mothman Prophecies T-Shirts Collection – My Name Is Indrid Cold

This creepy dark design is the memorable recount of Mothman, identified as Indrid Cold to the first witness. In the movie, the screenwriter uses the same fictitious name of the witness as in the horror novel, written by John A. Keel (1975), but the person is a real character who dies of acute panic and hypothermia months later.

The intriguing drawing described in the Point Pleasant’s police report is my favorite one because it represents a humanoid-like winged figure with long arms and piercing red eyes. In addition, the figure seems to wear a helmet, perhaps depicting a dimensional being travelling in different spatial dimensions through electric frequencies. Also, in conversation with the first witness, John Klein, the Mothman has the ability to give warnings and predict accurately the amount of people who will die in strange disasters during that period (1965-1966).

The high-resolution print, shown below, can be purchased in t-shirts as memorabilia in this main section of my store in different background colors and sizes. All shirts have a relaxed fit.

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