The Transformation of Steve Jobs – A Real Satanic Illuminati

I love occult and dark themes as you can see in my blog. In a previous post, I made a tribute design to Steve Jobs as a man with an incredible vision, but for some reason his Times portrait in black and white was in the back of my mind in a persistent way.

Then, it dawned on me last night in a dream that I had seen Jobs’ face resembled in a satanic illustration. I got up and went to my library and after an hour of research I found an illustration of an ancient Baphomet. I was totally mesmerized knowing that it could be possible there was a human satanic transformation and knowing that Jobs’ first Apple computer was sold with the price of $666.66.

I compared his face at a young age and then digitized his latest portrait in a negative mode. The results are below for you to draw your conclusions. I already have my opinion about it.

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