Jovian Font – John Huston Drama Movie Typography

Reconstructing period typography is a difficult art and almost considered an archaeological science studying the intentions and tracing of drawing glyphs.

In this case, I’ve chosen John Huston’s drama movie posters because the designs are well integrated as Hitchcock title movies representing the period 1960-70. And I appreciate that not every drama title movie needs the cliche font Trajan, very common now among Hollywood lazy designers in budget movies.

I’ve prepared the alphabet map character for Huston’s movie, deSade (1969). The poster announces one of the most distinguished and daring film entertainment of the year, introducing an almost documentary film. The typography of the main title poster appears to suggest a soft horror  and  pain theme with sharp bold characters.

If you want to license from my professional foundry this original premium font Jovian for your projects, the font is available in Windows and Mac and I accept Paypal. For further details, contact darkvotum at gmail.

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