We The People Penmanship Work – Mount Rushmore Calligraphy

In this design I recreated the handwriting work of the Constitution of the United States, as we say in Spanish, “con puño y letra” (with hand and lettering). Jacob Shallus was the Engrosser or Penman of the Constitution of the United States whose hand written document is on display in the US National Archives. Jacob Shallus served as the Assistant Clerk of the Pennsylvania General Assembly at the time of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

However, there’s a confusion in the document info of the American government, which says “On July 19th, Congress ordered that the Declaration be engrossed on parchment with a new title, “the unanimous declaration of the thirteen united states of America,” and “that the same, when engrossed, be signed by every member of Congress.” Engrossing is the process of copying an official document in a large hand. The engrosser of the Declaration was probably Timothy Matlock, an assistant to Charles Thomson, secretary to the Congress.”

Whoever was responsible for the great art work, the calligraphy work is interesting because it is not Zanerian style, a popular handwriting developed years later. In the first three words, ‘We the People’ the penman uses small diagonals in the English blackletters to create opticals in the spacing, and then he changes to an informal cursive style. Each section or article of the document is identified with the same cap height and written with similar English blackletters style for consistency.

Below you can find my calligraphy artwork and design. I introduced a correction in the baseline of the lettering with overshoots because the measurements are not vertical equally. A mistake that was acceptable in 1776 without computers and printers. Nonetheless, the document is beautifully written.

My unique vector print is available in the American Spells section should you want to order a great collectible t-shirt that I’ve not seen in commercial apparel websites. Most designs are poor scans of the document because people are lazy and they want to make a buck quick.

In addition, if We The People font is commissioned for a special venue, I will take the time to design it, however, calligraphy fonts are more difficult to kern and take many hours of work. Thanks.

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