Bestia Font – Exotic Tattoo Font | Shadow of the Beast Typography

I was looking at some tattoos websites and I was dissapointed with the style of the fonts they are offering to their fans. Some of the fonts really look too funny to stamp on skin forever.

With that in mind, I went back to Roger Dean’s designs of the Shadow of the Beast (Amiga) and created a complete uppercase map of the glyphs. Maybe this typeface, in my own opinion, it is worthy to tattoo fans and their admirers.

I called the font Bestia (Beast in English) and it is a more modern semi-gothic design than the popular English blackletters, which I refuse to use in contemporary designs. I think they are obsolete for the new young generations and make them look old. In contrast, what is great about this font is that it is designed for big letters and interesting ligatures that make every word unique, like a great tattoo should look like.

Anyway, the high-resolution font is available for purchase with its license should you want to sport in your naked body something cool and exotic. Contact darkvotum at gmail.

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