Pendleton Demibold Font – American Military Typography

Pendleton Demibold is a premium military font for promotion of American government magazines. It is not an easy and candid font but it has an amazing visual impact in titles that could also be used in posters, cards and presentations. It is modeled after my experience in Somalia Operation Restore Hope but I won’t tell you the long sad story of Battle of Mogadishu. If you want to relive the violent struggle, rent or buy the film Blackhawk Down.

The font is a serif typeface for better readibility at smaller sizes with interesting ligatures and I’m sure all grunts would be pleased to purchase the font for their own military greeting cards.

Below is my image alphabet and a title presentation if you want to buy the license of my design font. Contact darkvotum at gmail. Thanks for supporting my love for Camp Pendleton. Semper Fit!

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