Volturi Font – Twilight Saga Typography

Volturi font is a beautifully commercial designed font goth style inspired by the Twilight trilogy, written by Stephenie Meyer. It is my own version of this kind of dark typography with a more serious character style.

As a reference, the Volturi members act as the unofficial royalty of the vampire world, and operate from the city of Volterra, Italy. In the Twilight series, the Volturi are becoming an increasing problem, as they want Bella turned into a vampire as soon as possible. Edward opposes the idea, as he believes it would destroy Bella’s soul. The Volturi appear only at the end of Eclipse, though they are mentioned many times.

Other reference links you want to consult are Stephenie Meyer’s official website, The Twilight Series’ official website and The Twilight Lexicon.

Below is my image alphabet and a cover title presentation should you want to license my design font. Contact darkvotum at gmail.

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