Aztec Pulque Font – Mesoamerican Typography From Mexico

This new commercial Aztec (or Mexica to be correct) font is called Pulque Regular. Pulque (pronounced pool-kay) was a sacred drink among Aztecs and other Mesoamerican cultures. It is produced from the maguey plant fermentation and is the Mexican national drink.

For the design of the Pulque Regular font, I studied certain elements of the Aztec codices Aubin, Borbonicus, Duran, Florentine and Mendoza codex to include the convoluted shapes in the glyphs. The final result is an original astounding Aztec font, reminiscent of the Baroque age of the XVI century. If you want to license this font for your projects, please contact me, dark votum at gmail.

And here is the Aztec Pulque typeface in 3D Cinemascope for movie titles and posters. Cool Mexican font. Huh?

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