Mistico In Lucha Libre and Font Poster Promotion – Mexican Wrestling Typography

Mexican typography hasn’t evolved too much in lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) promotion events. The recent Mexican wall posters still include variations of Arial typeface (regular, condensed, bold and extended) to promote their fighting matches. Boring and cluttered.

However, in the case of Místico, a new Mexican wrestler born in 1982 debuting in 1992, things are changing. Mistico is my real living superhero. A clean guy with a tremendous demonic charisma in the luchadome arena and as he said without doubts, ‘I’m the greatest figure in wrestling’. He is right from all angles and so mysterious that no one knows his real name. His complete biography is found in this Wikipedia section.

I made this new commercial cool font called Místico to pay tribute to my Mexican wrestling superhero. He will be a legendary character soon, perhaps better than El Santo years ago. If you’re interested I design new Mexican wrestling fonts to promote your events and posters, please contact me, dark votum @ gmail. Se habla Español también.

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