Schizophrenic Children’s Hand Writing – Learning Typography Tool

In the creation of my horror movies titles, a great learning tool is to watch the hand writing of schizophrenic children. I have in my family a 8-year old cousin who was diagnosed with that dreadful mental disease.

Recently, I asked him to write the phrase “Mom, I Need Help!” to learn more about his mental process of writing. The letters were made with a marker and scanned later in high resolution. I noticed that he puts a lot of stress in making loops in the letters. As if he wants to ornament them with the size of the glyph. There are other observations such as the direction of the line, the baseline and uniform distant spaces within letters and without arm connections as it happens in calligraphy.

Below here is the prepared image of this short behavioral experiment on the writing of schizophrenic children going through clinical treatment.

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