Narcom Patrol Video Game – Modern Mexican Identity Font Characters

Narcom Patrol is a new Mexican video game that I got commissioned to develop some design features included an exciting commercial font by a Japanese video game company.

The commercial font Narcom from my professional foundry was influenced by a different international game, The Mexico Olympics 1968 Games, in which New Yorker graphic designer Lance Wyman designed the Op-Art (Optical Art) Olympic Logo. Another interesting Op-Art game poster that I call Obama Election ’08 was later developed by Wyman in 2008.

Narcom is a Op-Art variation font of the iconic lettering from 1968 as it combines cleverly Mexican folk art with the Op-Art style to produce a national identity again.

Below you can find the image I prepared with the Narcom font characters for the video game. If you are interested in commissioning typography for video games, please contact me darkvotum at gmail. Se habla Español también.

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