Mexican Llorona Font – Old Colonial Typography For Halloween

From my colonial Mexican foundry I made an elegant commercial Halloween font called Llorona because there are no fonts related to the most famous Hispanic legend. Interesting because there is an array of books, movies, apparel, and shows about her but no related fonts.

The colonial font is also used in displays of the Mansion of La Llorona at Six Flags Mexico. I really like the typeface because it is an old migrated Mexican font from the XVI century used by Catholic Spanish monks from Granada, Spain, but it can be used as a horror font for different purposes. The Llorona font is available for licensing and you can order the font using PayPal, should you want to use the typeface for your projects. Please contact me darkvotum at gmail for further details.

Below you can find a sample of text and the alphabet compilation database. You know making typography is addictive as hell but the final product gives great satisfaction.

Halloween Update 2013 – After La Llorona font became very popular due to the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, I decided to design the font for the most recent show this year – “El Cucuy – The Bogeyman”. If you want to see the new Halloween Cucuy font, click here to read the post and send me an email on how to purchase the license using PayPal. Thanks.


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