Voight Kampff Test Machine – The Great Work of Modern Devil Technology

The Voight-Kampff Test Machine is now considered the modern inspiration of the Devil at work. Envisioned by the genius of Philip K. Dick in his master science-fiction novel, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, the devise was a fictional techno-gadget.

Not any more. You only have to search Google to learn how technological corporations are aligning themselves to produce these ideas, measuring human heart rate, body sweating,  scanning capillary dilation, involuntary fluctuation of the pupil, blood dilation of iris, and muscle emotions (blush response), at modern airports and other facilities.

In the novel, the VK test machine was considered a very advanced lie detector and I assume in twenty more years, the government and military companies such as US Defense contractors will use it to measure the empathic response through carefully worded questions and statements of their potential employees.

If you haven’t seen the movie Bladerunner, based on Dick’s novel, I recommend you watch it to give you an idea of modern technology. My VK Test Machine design is available in high resolution vector format in the Fantasy section should you want to order the t-shirt and advertise the cultural impact of new techno gadgets in your life. A great tee for geeks and nerds in action.

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