Old Disney Movie Font For Alice In Wonderland – Wunderland Regular Typeface

I was not happy with the new Disney font used for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Although the typeface has some merit with the fantasy theme, it is too acid for a story that appeals to children and family. But the typography elements are excellent and I do not have complain with the structure.

However, I decided to recreate the old Disney movie font of Alice in Wonderland (only uppercase for now) for my client portfolio. It will be used in Christmas greeting cards and perhaps brochures of new children books. There are other possibilities of my commercial font that I call Wunderland Regular.

Here is a sample of my professional design work with the font compilation of the old Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland film. If you want to license my commercial font you can contact me at darkvotum @ gmail. Thanks and watch for that naughty Cheshire cat.

UPDATE 04/17/13 – I’ve completed the final version of this classic font that I call Wunderland Regular. To read the most recent post, click here.

NEWS UPDATE – 09/07/13. Another great and fantastic font that I’ve designed for professional presentations and products is my Kansas Rainbow font based on the screen titles of the original Oz movie. It is a very popular typeface among serious designers and I’m glad it has been on top of my typography sales. Here’s an additional example of Kansas Rainbow font.


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