In Halloween We Trust – Fontorror Regular Typeface

In modern typography design, it seems deconstructivism is the serious trend in contemporary fonts. You only have to look at the 2012 Olympic logo to get an idea on why people hate or like the designer style.

Deconstructivism is not a new idea. It was advocated by Russian artist Wassily Kandinski and his belief in the Gesamtkunstwerk work in his Bauhaus years (1915-1933). If you want to read his art bible, I suggest you get a copy of Point And Line To Plane. Originally published in 1926, Dover Publications made a reprint in 1979, published by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. For the trivia, there were 14 Bauhaus books edited by Walter Gropius and L. Moholy Nagy.

My new commercial font that I call Fontorror Regular is based on Bauhaus Deconstructivism ideas and is aimed to horror themes, such as Halloween greeting cards, special logos and movie titles. Here’s the Fontorror Regular font database should you want to license the new commercial font from my foundry. You can contact me at darkvotum at gmail.

Recent News From The Editor: For horror movie fans interested in good horror fonts, I have recently remastered the font for the movie title of John Carpenter’s Halloween as a professional font. For more information, go to the new post of my blog. Thanks.

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