Creation Of Horror Film Fonts For 3D Titles

This new commercial font from my Hollywood foundry is designed for maximum legibility and scalability and it is the basic foundation for my horror film fonts. An attractive horror film font does not need to be scary, bloody or grungy, but with enough visual impact to attract the customer to other elements in the promotion of the poster. Accurate precision metrics and solid characters is my line of work.

I specialize in typography of horror film fonts and I’m releasing my new high resolution vector font called Blocks in 2010 for your consideration in post-production and 3D titles. There are many open possibilities in the variations in shape, texture, edges and size of this new font. If you’re interested in licensing the font, you can contact me at darkvotum at gmail.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about in great horror and suspense film fonts. I’m also available in contracting or sub-contracting for movie presentations and intros. Try my affordable experience and let me design a custom typeface for your project.

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