Dark Stigmata Skin Tattoo – Demonic Exorcism Design

Believe it or not, stigmata is not confined to religious people or the wounds of Jesus as the common believers think. It also happens to people who have looked for a servant pact or blood agreement with the Highest Source of All Evil.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen three cases of demonic stigmata in Mexico and Africa during my research travel. In all cases, the diabolic marks happened to middle-age males who in clinic interviews said they were finally contacted by Lucifer. All the marks had an inverted cross shape in their backs and the males experienced an intense burning sensation in the skin and a glow in the dark.

To recreate that experience, I’ve made a high resolution print for a unusual t-shirt, in dark colors look scary and intimidating. So, it’s up to you if you can dare to wear in public. For sure, it will rise eyebrows from the most open-minded people. The design is in the Tattoos section ready to order for your body and skin. Who needs an exorcism when Lucifer is your best friend?

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