Use Of Posada Normal Font For A Graphic Novel – Creating Digital Mexican Typography

This new commercial font that I recreated from Posada’s typography is a great example of reviving Mexican typography in a digital manner. The Truetype typeface is a high resolution vector that I call Posada Normal font, for the record created by myself, Dark Votum, in 2010.

What impress me more about Posada’ s typography is the metrics perfection he used in his font creation and after studying the elements of his typography, the final result was a beautiful artistic font. Jose Guadalupe Posada was really a genius in illustration.

In a previous post I included the Posada font database with a combination of uppercase and small caps. This time I created an example in which I combine the shape, orientation, kerning and size of the Posada Normal font. It is a cool addition to my client portfolio and a contribution to new Mexican typography.

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