How To Achieve Miss Venezuela’s MakeUp and Be A Winner

Years ago in my country I was a makeup artist for the Miss Venezuela event and I’m sure you wonder how these girls really achieve the magic of cosmopolitan beauty placing very high in Miss Universe year after year. I was very young when I met Osmel Souza, the creator and promoter of Miss Venezuela. A really wise guy for world fashion.

I got into that business after watching one contest that was a bitch fight. Two girls coming from rich families. Mariela Perez Branger and Peggy Kopp. It was the best beauty show I’ve ever seen. Details to elegance was the trademark of the show. Mariela’s perfect catwalk and Peggy’s flamboyant attitude.

Since then, the beauty school of Miss Venezuela pageant has changed a lot. Each candidate is prepared for at least 10 years as Osmel envisioned in education, modeling, fashion, communication and poise. In makeup learning, I’ve seen really beautiful work in these girls aimed to camera and lights.

I won’t tell you all the secrets but at least there are some tips you can learn if you want to achieve what I call the beauty bitch look.

I’ve prepared a photorealistic 3D image to give you an idea of the possibilities whether you’re planning your wedding, a beauty contest, or a simple graduation in your school. Don’t neglect to look the best on these memorable days.

Your makeup should be simple and usually divided in three areas: your face, your eyes and your lips. For the face, you need to choose colors for the base, contour, midtones and highlights. For the eyes, it is a little more complicated because you need to pay attention to the eyebrows, the eyelashes, the eyelids, below the eyelashes, the side of the eyes, the lower part of the eyes and the corner of your eyes. There are as many as eight zones to work in the eyes. For your lips, you choose the color base, delineate and refine the corners.

That’s it. If you learn the tricks I assure you people will ask you if you went to a cosmetic school. Below, it is my prepared image with those famous and perfect almond eyes that make all Miss Venezuela girls win competitions all around the world. The judges always choose the best. Try to achieve what I’ve included in the picture and you can be a winner.


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