Virgin of Guadalupe’s Skull Tattoo – New Skin Art Design

There are many versions of the popular image of Mexico’s Virgin of Guadalupe. This one was recreated from an original and rare print I have from Jose Guadalupe Posada’s engravings, made in 1895. The print is in full color for a client of mine.

He wanted a high resolution tattoo in his skin as a personal birthday’s gift. Posada’s art was a model for the Mexican muralists as a popular artist producing vivid and simple images in a distinctively non-European mode with strong elements of political satire. He is best known for his calaveras, witty images of skeletons performing the rituals and pleasures of everyday life. Often dressed in bourgeois finery, they mock the pretensions and vanity of the living.

My high resolution print is available in apparel in the Tattoos section should you want to sport an exotic and iconic Mexican t-shirt. It is a very unique vector design of its kind.

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