Macabre Logo – Juan Guadalupe Posada’s Art

I’m so proud that my Spanish artistic education in Latin America was full of incredible experiences and the best influence a man can have balancing a scientific education. My character represents all those teachers that put a golden seed in my brain. It was the best karma a man can have.

One of the cultural engravings I’m very fond of is Mexican artist Juan Guadalupe Posada’s Catrina Calavera (Skull in English). It represents the beauty and evolution of aging life. The illustration does not have to envy the work of the Italian Renaissance. It belongs to the Golden Age of Mexican Prints. Posada’s illustrations are folk art and you can read Posada’s biography here. The drawings are very popular in t-shirts sold during the Day of the Dead Festival in Los Angeles. A cemetery party for dead souls in Hollywood.

I’ve curated the original Catrina calavera print with Pantone colors in a vector format. In addition, I recreated the Posada font used for early advertising work in his shop. The high print resolution print is available in the Witches section should you want to celebrate a dark fantasy during the Day of the Dead. I think it is one of my best designs in apparel.

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