Abracadabra Magic Logo – An Ancient Demonic Spell

The first time I saw the word Abracadabra was in a British Masonic Encyclopedia. I was attracted to the disposition of letters and the explanation that the triangle of words was a old magic amulet. Needless to say, I made my own amulet and put it around my neck.

Abracadabra is a spell incantation used as a magic word in conjuring demonic tricks that historically was believed to have healing powers when inscribed on an amulet. The first known mention of the word Abracadabra was in the 2nd century AD in a poem called De Medicina Praecepta or Principles of General Medicine.

Abracadabra sounds as the Aramaic word “Abrahadabra” which roughly translates into “I will create as I speak.”

My original high resolution print for apparel is in the Spells section should you want to conjure demons for your own benefit. You can order and customize the t-shirt in several background colors and sizes. It’s a great night party tshirt for full moon!

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