Jackie Kennedy and The Devil – Typographic Portrait

Every time there is a full moon, I see the face of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy stamped on the moon. I’m not surprised because my relation with her is extremely powerful to explain it in short lines. In my Witches altar, I have her photograph (the only one) which was personally dedicated and signed to me.

As a matter of fact, one night after my only surgical intervention in 1994 I woke up four hours later thinking about her. I had a small transistor radio and I listened to the news that Jackie had died that night during my medical intervention. Her funeral mass events are explained here. National Public Radio said that during the funeral, Maurice Tempelsman read the poem Ithaka (1911) written by Constantine P. Cavafy, who also happens to be my favorite author. The translation and alternative translation are found in this page.

As my tribute to the only First American Lady I know, I’ve made her typographical portrait that I called Jackie Kennedy and The Devil. The typographical portrait includes another Cavafy’s poem entitled Hidden Things (1908), which is a poem that represents my philosophy of life.

Hidden Things by C.P. Cavafy

From all I did and all I said
let no one try to find out who I was.
An obstacle was there distorting
the actions and the manner of my life.
An obstacle was often there
to stop me when I’d begin to speak.
From my most unnoticed actions,
my most veiled writing –
from these alone will I be understood.
But maybe it isn’t worth so much concern,
so much effort to discover who I really am.
Later, in a more perfect society,
someone else made just like me
is certain to appear and act freely.

The high resolution print is available in the Witches section should you want to remember why the President Kennedy’s administration was the only Camelot in America. It won’t happen again!

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