Los Angeles Gothic Wings Tattoo – I Made That!

Well, the blog is slowly picking up some traffic. I’m glad because I don’t know anything about viral marketing or hacking codes to increase Google ranking. I was told if I write quality content of my work Google engine knows. Whatever please them!

This design is about a Gothic tattoo with the Los Angeles Dodgers font. I always felt when visiting Downtown there is a feeling of decadence in the colors of the buildings. The style is usually Art Deco but the condition of the buildings make me feel really dark or dark brown like the walls of the Los Angeles buildings. The environmental decay of the city is amazing! There should be a movie of Los Angeles with the old Odorama system to experience what I’m telling you in these short lines.

The high print resolution in apparel is in the Tattoos section for your ordering and convenience. And, of course, it makes a great tattoo that you shouldn’t regret later.

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