My Favorite Female Villain – The Witch Malefica

You cannot imagine how delighted I was the first time I watched Maleficent in the animated story of  Sleeping Beauty. She had everything what a modern woman could wish – evil beauty, deductive wisdom and absolute powers from the Devil.

And to top of it, she could be transformed as the Dragon Beast so that she was able to destroy with fire  everything in the dreamy world of  Sleeping Beauty.

Now with the new 3D software of recent years, I was able to make my own Maleficent that I called Malefica. I like more the name in Latin or Spanish than the English one. It sounds more goth or heavy metal like Metallica.

My design has my own version of facial human features  with a touch of exaggeration and the same emotional colors I was attracted to. The print is available in apparel in the Witches section for your enjoyment and memories of the greatest female villain ever in the world.

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