Lucifer’s Fingerprint Tattoo – Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows

So, you want a real devil’s tattoo stamped on your skin forever, huh? I find this stamp is usually overlooked by most people looking for the real thing in functional dark designs.

If you look closer to the illustrations of the book Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows written by Aristide Torchia, you’ll find Lucifer’s fingerprint signature stamped with initials at the bottom of the engravings. Better than a Harley-Davidson commercial ad tattoo for chubbies in leather.

If you don’t know about fingerprint authentication, look here. No two individuals—even identical twins—have fingerprints that are exactly alike.

I traced the tiny signature as a vector and the print is available in apparel in the Tattoo section if you want to be proud of your Master and sport to the world your satanic allegiance.

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