So, Let The Light Shine – Novem Portis Book Cover Title

I have left for the end of this project the description of the Novem Portis cover title, written by Aristide Torchia (1666) in his interesting book The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows. The characters appear in the Club Dumas with fictional names.

The illustrations, that I made with the Albert Durer style, appear with some variations, in particular the ninth plate, in the huge encyclopedia of Metamorphoses of Ovid and the lost Delomelanicon as well.

In the cover title of Novem Portis, we can see an allegory. The tree of life broken by a divine light while the Devil tranformed into a serpent, very similar to the Ouroboros, lies at the bottom of the tree.

The Latin words SIC LUCEAT LUT are printed on the cover meaning SO, LET THE LIGHT SHINE, maybe as a warning to men who want the dark knowledge and are able to open the nine closed gates of the Devil. Enlightenment can come from Good or Evil.

Finally, I decided not to post the invocation ritual known as the Seal of Saturn because this blog is about esoteric designs, not an invitation to follow Satanism. However, the ritual works should you want to pursue occult matters. So, be prepared. Some may succeed. Some may face different low-level demons in a parallel dark Universe.

As I said in previous posts, all the wood engravings are printed in apparel for your benefit in this section of the Votum Sanguinis store. Good luck!

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