Ninth Devil’s Gate Engraving – Book of Shadows

I’ve finally arrived at the end of this great project based on the rare Medieval engravings, some made by Lucifer himself, of the Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows. I hope you enjoy my work and collect all the prints in apparel. The t-shirts with the prints of the Nine Gates are available in my Votum Sanguinis store under the Spells section and ready to wear for fans of the Devil.

The Ninth Gate engraving is perhaps the most important plate of Lucifer’s work and it has the Latin coded words,  N.NC SC.O TEN. BR. LUX., which is in Latin, NUNC SCIO TENEBRIS LUX. The English translation is referred as I KNOW NOW THAT THE SHADOWS COME FROM THE LIGHT.

The description of the plate is fascinating as a satanic drawing. A seven-headed dragon is ridden by a naked woman. She holds an open book, possibly the Book of Shadows, and a half moon conceals her genitals. In the background, a castle is in flames. Its door, as on the other eight plates, is closed.

In reality, we are exposed to an scene of the Apocalypse of St. John. Broken the last seal, the secret city in flames has arrived to its final time and the number of the Beast is pronounced, while the Courtesan of Babylon rides triumphant the seven-headed dragon. What happens then? Well, theorically, the Devil reveals himself to the client and makes an act of presence. The client, then, signs a permanent pact with the Devil.

The high-resolution engraving is available in this section should you want to continue with the ritual and sign the pact with Lucifer, but it is recommended you own all the nine plates to enlighten the final moment and loyal dedication to the Devil. Enjoy your New Life!

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