Seventh Devil’s Gate – Book of Shadows

I’m almost done with the Novem Portis de Umbrarum Regni and the Aristidem Torchia engravings. Still, I haven’t decided it to post the invocation ritual of the Devil that opens the Nine Gates. It is my experience in life that I’ve transformed lives, give them what they want, and no one, I mean no one appreciates my effort. My consolation is once they abandon the Master, they lose their enlightened path and become miserable people.

Anyway, the seventh plate, made by Lucifer, has the description with Latin coded words, —DIS.S P.TI.R MAG., which is not very explicit in principle but very common with Hermetic philosophers in Latin, DISCIPULUS POTIOR MAGISTRO. The English translation is, THE DISCIPLE OUTSHINES THE MASTER. Very appropriate to my introduction of this post.

A king and a begger play chess on a chess board with white squares. The Moon can be seen through the window. Beneath this and next to a closed door, two dogs are fighting. The Moon is the refuge of dead souls. The black dog and the white dog represent the Evil and the Good, destroying themselves continuously.

The high resolution print is available in this section should you want to order it in apparel and open the 7th Gate of the Devil.

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