Sixth Devil’s Gate Engraving – Book of Shadows

This is my favorite satanic plate of all Nine Gates of the Devil from Novem Portis. It includes a Latin phrase that really belongs to Lucifer’s domain but also it is a learning fact for those who meditate about Death as I did many years ago during my Tibetan years.

The Latin coded words in the engraving are written as —DIT.SCO M.R., which is in Latin, DITESCO MORI. The translation in English means, I ENRICH MYSELF WITH DEATH.

The satanic description of the plate includes a hanged man, similar to that of the Tarot card number 12, his hands tied behind his back, hung by one foot from the crenellation of the wall surrounding the castle, next to a closed postern gate. A hand clad in a gauntlet brandishes a burning sword from a loophole. Lucifer as a master of freedom suffers for Mankind’s love and give him the knowledge through sacrifice.

The high-resolution engraving is available in the Spells section in vector format and printed in apparel so you can order it and impress your boring friends.

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