First Devil’s Gate Engraving – Book of Shadows

This project is a long design production that I finally decided to curate and make the vector designs for the bibliophiles and fans of the Novem Portis – Book of Shadows.

If you have seen the Ninth Gate movie directed by Roman Polanski you will probably recognize the engravings (xilographies), some made by Lucifer himself. The 1999 movie is the version of the Spanish book The Club Dumas, written by Arturo Perez-Reverte and it is a powerful invitation to deal with the occult.

According to the Delomelanicon, the illustrator added the Latin coded phrase at the bottom, NEM. PERV.T QUI N.N LEG. CERT.RIT, which, of course, is NEMO PERVENIT QUI NON LEGITIME CERTAVERIT, translated as ‘No one that follows the rules, gets the truth”. Lucifer changes the phrase as “Silence is Golden”, with his stamp LCF.

The plate description is very straightforward. A knight rides through a fortified town. With his finger on his lips, he counsels prudence or silence.

I didn’t bother adding the Latin secret words but the translation in English since most of the people do not care about Latin studies and Medieval languages; however I included at the top the Hebrew letters as codes.

The first design is here in this section and you’re welcome to collect all the designs. They are nine gates in total. Each one with a Saturnine philosophy about darkness. In the future, I will post the invocation ritual so you know how it is done by alchemists and magicians.

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