Dealing With Baphomet’s Illumination

This morning, while still dreaming in rem state, I had some strange images in my last dream. I went to bed asking Baphomet to guide me in the production of dark designs for the Votum Sanguinis store.

In my dream, I could see an alphabet, not a Hebrew alphabet as it has been explained in some gnostic sites. In the list of symbols, a voice was guiding me to draw symbols ‘with two heads and three heads structure’, which I cannot explain the meaning but I saw clear some examples that I drew in a piece of paper after waking up. I put the examples away to revise it later.

For those you don’t know who is Baphomet, I found this beautiful website , very well written, dealing with personal writings regarding wicca, magick and the occult. His author is Christopher Orapello and he has included some great images, including H.R. Giger’s influence on Baphomet from a Tarot’s deck.

So, what progress have I made with my designs at Votum Sanguinis? Well, I made the favicon for the store and found a free hosting site at PicPanda. Give them a try because it works after the Google fiasco with its google pages sites and elitist support of new browsers.

I’ve also made some original dark designs in vector format, including a Baphomet illustration for your consideration. Click the red link to go to that section.

My next project will be to make a store banner for inclusion as a footer of each post. Until more design news… Sayonara!

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